how we got here

Bear & The Wren began in 2016 as a mobile, wood-fired eatery. Our goal was to bring a unique catering experience to the San Luis Obispo area by outfitting a restored 1952 Chevy truck with an Italian wood-fired oven and draft beer system. The truck features everything needed to serve a gathering of any size. 

We have catered events all over SLO county, from barns in Edna Valley to wineries in Paso Robles and even the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse near San Simeon. Most often we are part of significant life celebrations such as rehearsal dinners, weddings, and milestone birthdays.

We strive to use simple ingredients of high quality that are grown and made locally here on the Central Coast. Known for amazing wood-fired pizza and well executed multi-course dinners, our obsessive attention to detail and quality has garnered us an outstanding reputation in the community. 

As everyone who is lucky enough to live in or visit SLO knows, the community is awesome. The people we have served and the following we have built is the reason we do what we do. The goal of opening up a permanent restaurant space is to give everyone who has been so supportive an inviting place to gather and enjoy delicious food and drink.


bear & the wren



Jason Barringer (proprietor) grew up playing baseball and his last name morphed from Barringer into “Bare”. The nickname stuck and lives on in Bear & The Wren. He has always had a passion for exceptional food, tasty beverages, and warm gatherings. Jason’s goal was to bring these things to the area he originally grew to love while playing baseball for Cal Poly. San Luis Obispo is a place he is proud to call home, and the Central Coast region inspires the unique excellence delivered by Bear & The Wren.

the Wren


With her hunger and zest for both new adventures and delicious edibles, Jason’s daughter is a source of inspiration for this operation and its name (her middle name is Ren). She is a joyous, curious ball of energy who may well be the planet’s biggest fan of our pizza. This is in addition to being the brains behind the enterprise. In her spare time, she enjoys trying every swing on the Central Coast, reading Shel Silverstein books, and masterminding our herb garden.